March 26, 2010

What Does the Nuptial Meaning of the Body Mean for Single People?

Recently, a friend asked me what the nuptial meaning of the body means for single people. The nuptial meaning of the body is the body's capacity for expressing love, that love precisely in which the person becomes a gift and fulfills the very meaning of his being and existence.

Single people had a unique capacity to express love in a variety of different self giving functions: helping those in need with their time and attention, being concerned with the poor and sick and helping others through the gift of self. The nuptial meaning of the body in this sense can be more closely assigned with agape than eros. The forgetting of self helps to bring concern and care for others. Even if one is not married, our bodies have a spousal sense in that as a member of humanity there are countless ways of giving ourselves to others. Loneliness is an invitation to self gift, inviting ourselves out of oneself to find communion and reconciliation in the communion of persons that makes humanity. Therefore, our body can be a gift for others in a nuptial sense even if we are not married.

H/T Love Undefiled

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