January 4, 2010

Coming in 2010: More Theology of the Body

If you ask most Catholics “fill in the blank, Original______” they would reply “Original Sin.” Pope John Paul II in his Theology of the Body introduces us to three additional concepts, “Original Solitude,” “Original Unity,” and “Original Nakedness.” I will be exploring these ideas in the days and weeks ahead – as well as discussing John Paul’s, Theology of the Body more in depth. For a brief overview of the Theology of the Body in its historical context go here. For a discussion on the exchange of Persons in the Trinity, an idea central to the Theology of the Body, go here.

The Theology of the Body is not light reading – as anyone who has ever tried reading it well knows. I seek to make the complicated simpler for readers of this blog. There is also an excellent review of the latest translation of the Theology of the Body here. Reading the fore mentioned links will bring you up to speed as we begin our journey through the Theology of the Body.

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