September 14, 2009

Edward Kennedy Without Tears

Much has been written about Senator Edward M. Kennedy in the aftermath of his death last month. I reflected on his life and legacy here. Much of the press and remembrances were laudatory. Some commentators did not indulge in hero worship, however, in offering more sober assessments. One of them even took the diocese of Boston to task.

Colleen Carroll Campbell, a fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center, has written that not all Catholics mourn the death of "Camelot." Go here to read her article.

Rev. Michael P. Orsi, a priest, teaches law at Ave Maria School of Law. He writes that granting Edward Kennedy an elaborate funeral was an occasion of scandal for the Church. See his article here.

On Sunday the American Thinker published an article entitled "Senator Kennedy's Final Attempt at Salvation."

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