May 5, 2009

Dumb Ox


The one question atheists can't answer.

To many atheists, people of faith are simple and foolish. The Judeo-Christian vision of morality is to them so antiquated it is irrelevant. People of faith, according to atheists, have not thought things through to the extent that they (atheists) have.

But there is one question atheists and atheism can't answer. How did life begin? For the Christian the answer is that God, in a free and full act of love created the world so that human beings could share in His divine life. How this came about from a purely scientific stand point, while certainly a valid and interesting pursuit, is secondary to the why. The world was created out of love.

Atheists believe in the "Poof" Theory. One day there was nothing then "Poof" life began. Billions of random mutations later, humans appeared. And the rest is history.

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