May 12, 2009

Doctor of the Week: Saint Albert the Great

St. Albert the Great

Each week we will spotlight one of the thirty-three Doctors of the Catholic Church

St. Albert, 1200-1280. Doctor of Science, Feast Nov. 15th.

Albert is a great model for all Christians, especially scientists. Many scientists like Albert have been blessed with independence of mind and great mental prowess. In this category, many rely more on reason and memory than faith. One recent survey from a national newspaper showed that there is least difference between the faith of eighty years ago (1917) and today (1998) among Physicists, Biologists and Mathematicians. Those who believe in God were around 40 percent and those who did not believe were 45 percent. Doubt and agnosticism resulted in about 15 percent.

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St Albert's life and message can still teach and enlighten us, especially the scientists, about how to live. His message is: do not rely or trust in your memory and reason more than God. We should practice our belief in God daily. We should also exercise our spiritual gifts in our chosen profession as much as our natural gifts and resources. Albert is a model for us to trust, rely, and depend on God through our faith and profession. It is a noble call and challenge.

To view St. Albert's complete profile and others visit this excellent link.

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