May 29, 2009

Review: Come and See Bible Study: GENESIS

Come and See – Catholic Bible Study: GENESIS is ideal for group and family bible studies in the home or classroom. Father Joseph L. Ponessa and Dr. Laurie Watson Manhardt take you through all fifty chapters of the book of Genesis. This study guide is geared to adults and young adults. Comprised of twenty-two individual lessons, Come and See is the perfect way for families to explore, learn, and deepen their understanding of the first book of the Bible together.

References to the fields of natural science, biology, geology, and anthropology show how the wisdom and insights contained in Genesis about the origins of mankind, human nature, human sexuality, and more have, if anything, grown more relevant with time. Insightful commentaries, contemporary examples of biblical principles, relevant reflections from some of the Church’s greatest minds, and study questions bring the ancient text into focus.

Although designed for groups, this book will profit individuals as well. Some of the contemporary examples used to prompt reflection and discussion are, in my opinion, a little overdone. This in no way detracts from Come and See’s usefulness, however. I would use it in my classroom and would recommend it to students and to families.

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